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Elegant Stitches offers a variety of machine quilting techniques, including:

~ Meandering (stippling) - an overall random pattern that covers the whole quilt, or certain sections of the quilt, to enhance the quilt blocks. The meandering can vary in size.


~ Pantograph (edge to edge) - a continuous design from one edge of the quilt to the other, including borders. Many designs are available to choose from.


~ Custom quilting - set to your own specification. Custom quilting includes any or all of the above techniques, or custom designed patterns such as feathers, circles, grids, etc.


~ Basting - If you prefer to hand quilt your quilt, why not have it basted by machine? Basting is done every 4-5 inches.



To calculate the square footage of your quilt do the following:  

-measure in inches the width and


- multiply width by length and this

will equal the total square inches of your quilt

- divide the total square inches by 144

The result is the size of your quilt in square feet.


Quilt Size – 84” x 96”

84 x 96 = 8064”/144 = 56 sq feet

56 x $2.00 = $112.00



Basting: $1.00/square foot, basted every 4-5 inches.

Custom: By the Square Inch, starting at 0.15 to 0.60.

Edge to Edge Pricing:

Baby Quilt up to 54" $55.00
Lap Quilt up to 64" $65.00
Twin Quilt up to 75" $75.00
Double Quilt up to 85" $85.00
Queen Quilt up to 90" $95.00
King Quilt up to 108" $120.00
Any Quilt length over 108 the price will be determined at the time of the consultation.

Batting Pricing:
Hobbs 80/20 is now $8.50 per yard
Hobbs 80/20 120 is now 10.50 per yard
Hobbs Bleached Cotton 96" 9.50
Hobbs Unbleached Cotton is now $8.50
Hobbs Poly Down 108" is now $7.50
I have added another batting
Hobbs Bleached Heirloom 80/20 110" and that is $10.50 these are all per yard

Additional Required Materials:


If supplying your own backing, please make sure the backing is 6”-8” larger than the quilt top. Also ensure your backing is squared off and selvages removed.


You may supply your own batting, or choose from the selections I carry:

~ Warm & Natural

~ Hobbs Heirloom

~ Hobbs 80/20 96” wide and 120” wide

~ Hobbs Poly Down

If supplying your own batting, please make sure that it is 6”-8” larger than the quilt top in order to accommodate any shrinkage which may occur during the quilting process.



I have hundreds of threads to choose from. There is no extra charge for thread changes.

Some brands are:

~ Signature Variegated & Solids

~ King Tut

~ Bottom Line

~ Cansew.